Weight Lifting Image Courtesy of Adrian Clark

Image Courtesy of Adrian Clark

It is inconceivable to most women how they would look after weight training. The fear of Bulky Muscle Structure or Sarcopenia is one of the leading causes that turn women off such kind of Strength Training. But as their bodies age, especially after 35 years, women tend to lose Muscle Mass and this process accelerates with Menopause. At the age of 50 or so, most women are found suffering from age related problems like, Neuro-Muscular Disorders, Joint Pains, Osteoporosis etc. Most of these diseases can be fought at a fundamental level by adopting some changes in the activities of everyday life. One of those changes is lifting weight as a part of daily workouts.

Here are some reasons why women over 50 years of age should lift weights.

Weaker Bones

Women over a certain age are highly susceptible to Bone-Mass related Problems. These problems arise primarily due to the detriment of the above. Workouts for women tend to be primarily focussing on weight-loss, what women over 50 must realise is that this shedding of fat is accompanied with wearing-off of Bones as well. A certain amount of specific weight lifting will help develop the muscles mass which will help in preventing loss of Bone weight.

Reduced Metabolism

An ageing body loses its capacity to metabolize nutrients which causes wastage of the food we eat. Our Body isn’t able to utilize the Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals etc. This leads to degradation of the various parts of the body. The gradual detrimental process of Ageing is complimented by this Loss of Nutrients which cumulates to bring the onset of the infirmities of ageing much before they should. Sometimes this happens years before it should and a balanced exercise routine with Strength training like Weight-lifting helps us to ward off this onset of Age-Related problems by those many years.

Marred Confidence

Ageing Gracefully gives a boost to a woman’s confidence and a critical part of looking graceful as you age, depends on the fitness of the body. People tend to lose confidence as their Body Image starts getting ruined. Our Bodies are no longer as young as we were 30 or so years ago, and keeping the body in shape seems to get increasingly difficult with the fatigue and age-related problems riding in. We tend to give up on our dream figure labelling the effort behind it all ‘impossible’. An important factor for maintaining our ideal body image is Discipline. An active life-style accompanied with a balanced diet and a regimen including Strength Training helps women to keep their bodies in the way they want it to be and confidence will follow suit.

On a conclusive note, the benefits of weight lifting are countless and quite easily outweigh its dangers. Yet a crucial point to note would be the exact amount that is required and identifying the unnecessary excesses that may be more harmful than beneficial. After all the body is ageing and regenerative capabilities of the body diminish along with its other faculties.