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One of the most common reasons to visit doctors has become Lung and Airway related illnesses, partly because of the debilitating effects of Air Pollution but mostly because of other harmful human habits like smoking. The Human Lungs are arguably the most complex and indispensable organs known to medical scientists. Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis and many more deadly ones like Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Edema and the list goes on… Millions of men and women suffer from these diseases in various stages of severity. Having to suffer on account of Respiratory Problems has been the cause for concern to many underperforming individuals and yet we see people from all walks of life coping with these problems and thriving still.

A Stitch in time saves Nine, truly enough the key to beating this nuisance or even at times nipping it in the bud itself, is to visit a Pulmonologist at the right time. Normally for a positive diagnosis to be made complex procedures are employed X-rays, Sputum Cultures, Brochoscopies etc. but we often tend to ignore the small signs that signal the oncoming of these diseases. So here are 5 signs that should set off the alarm bells ringing, “It’s time to visit the Pulmonary Doctor!”


This can be the cause of many physical conditions like Obesity, Common Cold, Deviated Septums etc. but characteristically a breathlessness accompanied with wheezing and over an extended period of time signals pulmonary problems that require expert attention.


Identifying the kind of chest pain might help you understand whether it’s a Broken Rib, Common Cold or something that will eventually cause you much more damage than what has been already done. Persistent Chest Pains along with feelings of constriction may be one of the most common signs. The same should be brought to the immediate notice of any Pulmonary specialist.

Never-ending Cold and Cough

Not just a runny nose or frequent headaches, Deviated Septums and Migraines have been known to cause those as well, for a prolonged period of time. The remission and recurrence of Cold and Cough, especially on a daily basis can be something to be worried about. So when you wake up every morning choked with cold only to become normal by midday it’s probably time you visit someone.

Sleepiness and Exhaustion

People relate Tiredness to many other illnesses, rightfully so it can be the result of many things, but when accompanied with most of the other symptoms mentioned here you might like to think on these lines. Lack of Oxygen to the Brain causes sleepiness and exhaustion. This Oxygen Deprivation could most likely be the outcome of your Pulmonary Disorder. It can only be wise then to mention this to your pulmonary doctor on your next visit and try to get yourself well rested.


These are situations when symptoms seem to get worse all of a sudden. Usually during Harsh Winters, if these Flare-ups seem to be repeating multiple times it might be something to be worried about.

Finally, it is advised that these being the most common symptoms and those easily detected, if noticed, definitely warrants a visit to the Pulmonologist.