Image Courtesy of Pioneer Library System

Image Courtesy of Pioneer Library System

Allowing your child to lift weights is possible if you have a qualified person supervising at all times. Most gyms will have workout equipment sized for children, and trainers willing to help children lift weights the right way.

Weight lifting will benefit your child in a number of ways, providing both immediate and long lasting positive effects. Here are a few ways that weight lifting can help your child:

1. Lowers The Risk Of Injury

If your child participates in any type of sport, weight training will help decrease the risk of being injured while playing. Proper muscle development and coordination are needed to lower the risk of injury. Strength training helps develop coordination, as well as strengthening growing muscles. All this training should pay off in better performances on the field, allowing your child more time to engage in their favorite activities.

2. Increases Bone Density

Image Courtesy of Frankieleon

Image Courtesy of Frankieleon

Most of us grew up hearing our parents tell us to drink our milk so we would grow stronger bones. Strength training increases bone density, just like the calcium in milk. Strength training puts stress on the bones; the body’s response is to increase bone density. These stronger bones are much harder to break.

3. More Muscle, Less Fat

Strength training is a great way to stay in shape. Across the globe, young children are becoming heavier and heavier. This is simply due to an abundance of food combined with a lack of movement. Strength training helps build muscles that continue to burn calories after exercising. Even if your child consumes an unhealthy diet, strength training can help them maintain a normal, healthy weight.

4. Builds Self-Esteem

As your child builds his muscles during strength training, he is also building upon his own self-esteem. No parent wants a depressed child. Weight lifting and strength training make your child feel good about doing something constructive with their life. It will also help your child maintain their playing position on the team, and will keep them from being the fat kid in class who is constantly teased.

5. Develop Better Habits

Children are our future. It benefits all of society if our children are strong enough and prepared to run the world when it is their time. Strength training builds muscles and character. Along with weight lifting, or any sport, your child should be eating a well balanced diet that will help the stressed muscles regenerate faster. Your child will learn that eating healthy, and proper strength training is the positive way to live. If your children have a desire to move on to heavier weights, you need to remind them to think positive thoughts, follow their trainer’s instructions, and eat well balanced meals. After all, if they put in this much effort, they want good things to come from it. Let your child lift weights, for all the benefits.