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As a woman, you’re expected to keep yourself hairless. Fair or not, that’s just society’s current idea of beauty, and God forbid you’re the one who has to go against the grain, right? No, it’s much simpler just to fit in and adhere to the latest fashions. On the bright side, smooth hair-free skin does look and feel great.

So, as a woman, what are your options when it comes to hair removal? Well, we’ll take a look at a few of them and weigh up the pros and cons of each.


For a while, waxing was the most commonly used hair removal procedure. This relatively cheap treatment would remove hair quickly, and leave skin feeling amazing to touch. But waxing came with one big downside – it was extremely painful. So girls everywhere started looking for other hair removal for women treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Recently, one procedure to attract a lot of attention has been laser treatment. By blasting skin with intense light, hair follicles can be broken up and discouraged from growing back. Laser, unlike waxing, is also virtually pain free. While you may feel warmness or itching after treatment, there won’t be any money when you scream like there would be if you were waxing. Permanent hair removal has never been so easy, which is why men and women everywhere are converts to this particular treatment.

If there was a downside to it though, it would be the laser hair removal cost. It is unfortunately more expensive than waxing, but does come with many more advantages.


The classic way to remove hair is to shave it off. For centuries men and women have been using blades to get rid of unwanted hair and achieve that classic hairless look. While razor blades are cheap and shaving cream is inexpensive, the results of using this hair removal method aren’t that great. Shaving only rids the body of surface hairs, and can often leave stubble. It’s also extremely irritating. If it has to be done regularly, shaving can leave red marks or tiny bumps, and can make skin feel raw.

Women’s hatred of shaving was the reason there was considerable investment into other hair removal methods.


Ultimately, you have the choice between three common hair removal procedures. If you’re not looking for a quality finish, shaving will be suitable for you. If you are looking for a quality finish, but don’t want to outlay too much money, waxing will suit you. It’ll be more painful than shaving, but you’ll get smooth skin as a reward.

If you want a great finish without the pain, it’s best to opt for laser hair removal. This modern cosmetic treatment is leaving others in its wake and it’s not difficult to see why.