Childhood Obesity Image Courtesy of Gaulsstin

Image Courtesy of Gaulsstin

In today’s fast paced era, it is equally important to have a sound body along with a sound mind. With increasing unhealthy lifestyle, parents having less time for children, lack of awareness, etc., “Childhood obesity” has emerged as a significant cause of concern.

If you don’t get to the first base about your child’s health, just nagging him or her about eating too much junk food won’t help too much. Mechanism to tackle this menace is based on three pillars of healthy family habits:

Eating dinner together

It may look very simple, but it is of utmost importance concerning your children’s health. On the one hand, you will be serving your children nutritious meals with appropriate calories, on the other hand, naturally restraining your children from having bilious junk foods. Moreover, this will inculcate healthy food habits among children if you provide them their favorite dishes with a blend of salubrious recipes with little change. Just add plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, low fat dairy products, etc. and serve them in reasonable proportion. Limiting sugar sweetened beverages, saturated fat containing products, high-fat and high-sugar or salty snacks from your shopping list will have consequential effects in curbing childhood obesity by bringing down calorie-rich temptations. Encourage your children to drink lots of water too.

Ensuring adequate sleeping hours for your children

Inadequate sleep reduces the children’s energy level during day time, thus hampering the metabolic system of the body making them obese. Both working parents face this problem as they let their kids stay up late as this is their only chance to see them. If your child will get 9-10 hours of sound sleep, he will be having more energy to participate in moderate intensity physical activities. Swimming, dancing, playing games (both indoor & outdoor), jogging, etc. with your kids will help you to solve both problems altogether effectively & you will be setting a good example too!

Inhibiting television and virtual game time

Young generation is very fond of TV, video games and internet. This increases their ‘screen time’ thus they are indulged in low levels of physical activity. Generally screen time accompanies snacking thus aggravating the problem to a further extent. Limiting the screen time to 2 hours maximum will help eradicate this problem along with several other health benefits.

These three solutions to have a check on ‘childhood obesity’ are naturally interrelated. If you implement one of these, you are on the right track towards implementing all three. Taking an example, having dinner together at the dining table will prevent the children from watching TV while eating thus deterring overeating and having junk food. It will also let the parents to spend quality time with their children, thus tucking their children early into bed providing adequate sleep for their loved ones.

Remember, Parents are the most important contributors in the child’s health as well as childhood obesity too!!! It’s our call to decide in what way we want to contribute?

Informing the children with the benefits of staying fit and physically active will, in the long run, will develop an understanding of a better way of life free from childhood obesity and its aftereffects.