Motivation Image Courtesy of Oklanica

Image Courtesy of Oklanica

When you can motivate yourself, you do not need Tony Robbins. Sometimes you need to overcome personal emotions to get stuff done instead of sitting on a couch. That is not always easy. This is a must unless there are no consequences when you get up at noon and call in sick.

This article is for you only if you procrastinate, get and follow distractions from within or without and drag your feet when you should be doing something important. The rest of us need to have a library of morale and emotional boosters to get us moving and achieving our goals.

Ways to Avoid Motivation

The best personal motivation is organizing your life so you do not have to motivate yourself. It is about time to start thinking about a new job when you find that work is a constant battle for you. The goal is to have explicit motivation techniques as a fall back and not a lifestyle and daily routine.

The following are some other things that will help make work flow enjoyable
Passion- Work on stuff you are passionate about. We all have things we do from time to time that are not enjoyable, but if this has become a daily routine for you, then you have a big problem that needs fixing.

Habits- Everything cannot be on an autopilot. I have established that putting up a few core habits makes a day more systematic. Having to wake up at the same time, work at a particular time of the day makes it easier to do the same the next day.

Exercise Motivation Image Courtesy of Oklanica

Image Courtesy of Oklanica

Flow-When your mind is completely focused on a task at hand, then we have a flow. There are many factors that contribute to bring about this state. However having the right challenge level is the key. Find a way to make your tasks build around the sweet task and still touch on the big frustration.

Motivation PointsThere still can be failure despite you putting in the best of your efforts, habits, passion and the best flow-producing environment. That is when you need to find the best emotional boosters you can use to get started. Here are a couple of those boosters:

Try and understand the ‘Why’- A dull task is not made attractive by focusing on it. Taking focus slightly away and asking why you are more concerned about it will help most. It will make the task more appealing. If you cannot find a good reason, you will find that you should not be bothered with it in the first place.

Go for Five- You the little pushes to get you gaming. Start with a push of five minutes.

Move Around- Get yourself moving as when you are extremely motivated to doing something. This seemingly ‘crude’ or ‘silly’ way of faking motivation actually works to get you going.

Find the Next Step- Sometimes it is impossible to focus on the whole project, you find that you are finding it easy to focus on the immediate next step. Procrastination will occur easily if you are fighting an amorphous blob of work. Break up big tasks so that they become manageable.

Find Your Itch- Try and focus on what is actually keeping you from working. Find the itch, isolate it and remove it because it is the problem. Is the cause of your lack of motivation anger, fatigue, fear or restlessness? It could be you are not sure you have enough time. Maybe the cause could be the unfinished tasks that have not been delegated.

Deconstruct Your Fears- It is true you do not have any phobia about having stuff done. It is worth noting that hidden fears or anxieties could also stop actual work from getting done. Isolate the known from the unknown and make yourself confident you can handle the worst situation that comes your way.

Partner with someone- Find someone to boost you emotionally when you are feeling unproductive. I have a gym friend I work out with. In the gym, a friend will help to spot the weight and motivate me to work harder when I would actually give up.

Kick start the day- Have all the important things in place in the morning and plan out for the next day in the evening. Having started with momentum in the morning, your day will be more successful and short.

Read books- Find books that have new ideas and read them. Do not just focus on motivational books, new ideas will get your mental faculties excited and motivate you further. When your brain is excited, it takes less time to do and complete tasks successfully.

Get the Right Tools- Your enthusiasm is affected greatly by the environment you work in. Slow computers, poor applications and a vehicle that is constantly breaking down will negatively affect your motivation to a point of killing it. Working to build your motivation is as important as getting rid of the traps that can kill it.
Small Problems Do not Exist- The biggest killer of motivation is facing a small problem that is creating endless frustration. Always repackage the small problems to be fixed as big problems, otherwise they will kill any motivation and drive you have.

Build a Mantra- Find a few motivating statements that will focus your mind. They could have been pulled from a tacky poster or just a few words of instruction on how to deal with frustration. When not sure where to start, a good mantra could be ‘Do it now!’

Build on Success- Success begets success. You will always feel motivated to accomplish almost anything after you have just won. A small success can turn you to a juggernaut because emotions are not situation specific. A compliment from a friend about you immediate achievement can be as effective as having accomplished a whole day’s task by 2PM. There are many ways to position a small win strategically to spur motivation later on. The trick can be as simple as an earlier affirmation, an early morning exercise and a systematic to-do list.