Disadvantages of Home Gyms courrtesy of Olivier Noirhomme

Image courtesy of Olivier Noirhomme

You’ve got made your mind up.  You’re going to get in shape… and you’re going to do it at home!  But is that the best move financially and health-wise?  Let’s look at why it might not be the best decision.

Price Check!

The immediate cost of a home gym is definitely a disadvantage as it pertains to working out. Even though it might not be more expensive over the long term it might be a challenge to produce the $400 – $1000 to buy a home gym.

This may be less easy than paying the $30-$40 per month expenses of a health club membership. It’s possible for you to try and ease the price of a home gym by hunting for used gear in garage sales or the classified ads. But it may be more economical on the short term to get a health club membership.


Another apparent disadvantage of working out in a home gym is that you’re not likely to possess the selection of gear you will see in an exercise center.

You’ll under normal circumstances find better equipment in a fitness center. When you start looking to tone muscle tissue once you have built up mass that is particularly true for isolation exercises.

Honey-Do List

Sometimes simply being in the house can cause you to feel sluggish. We frequently think of your home as a place of relaxation.

If you stay because mode when working out it may not be overly difficult to have a rest every couple of minutes to take a look at the sport, grab a bite to eat, or get something to drink. Now do not get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with rests. You need breaks between sets for many work outs but occasionally it is possible to go.

When working out in the fitness center, on the flip side, the people where you aspire to be in the fitness center that are can feed off the power of others around you and even motivate you.

The opposite can even be authentic, however. Occasionally folks are diverted in the fitness center. Those folks will be those who spend more hours than working out, socializing in the fitness center. So this you can go both ways.

So determining whether you would like to buy home gym isn’t a clear cut response. Immediate prices, insufficient distractions at home, and variety of gear really are a few to remember.